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Half Past Four
Halting March
Hamilton County
Hanged Man's Reel
Hard Times
Harvest Home
Haste to the Wedding
Hawkins' Rag
Hawks and Eagles
Hector McDonaldís Reel
Hell Among the Yearlings
Hiccup Truck
Hickman County
High Dad in the Morning
Highland Man That Kissed His Grannie
Hob Dye
Hobart's Transformation
Hollow Poplar
Home With the Girls in the Morning
Hop Up, My Ladies
Hull's Victory
Humors of Ballyconnell
Humors of Ballyloughlin
Hundred Pipers
Hunter's Purse
Huntsman's Chorus
Hyalite Reel
I Don't Love Nobody
Ida Red
Illinois Rickets Hornpipe
I'm Certainly Living a Ragtime Life
In the Woodpile
Irish Washerwoman
Irishmanís Heart to the Ladies
Iron Man
Jack Broke da Prison Door
Jackson's Reel
Jackson Stomp
Jamie Allen
Jay Bird in the Ash Grove

Jenny Lind Polka
Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
Jim the Fiddle Maker
Jimmy in the Swamp
Jimmy Sutton
John Brown's Dream
John Brown's March
John Kelly's Slide
John Ryan's Polka
John Stinsonís #2
Johnny Cope
Johnny Don't Get Drunk
Johnny the Blacksmith
Johnsonís Girl
Joys of Quebec
Judge, The
Jug of Punch
Julia Delaney
Julie Ann Johnson
June Apple
Kaiser Waltz
Kansas City Rag
Kansas City Reel
Katie Bar the Door
Katy Did
Katy Hill
Keep the Ark a Movin'
Kenny Hallís Hambo
Kenosha Pass
Kerry Dance
Kerry Polka
Kerry Reel
Kerryman's Daughter
Kesh Jig
Kid on the Mountain
Killarney Boys of Pleasure
King of Fairies
King of the Pipers
Kingdom Coming
Kissimee Kid
Kitchen Girl
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